Awesome God
Awesome Games – Awesome Crafts – Awesome Music – Awesome Time
Awesome Details…
Cost – No way, it’s Free! Tell your friends 🙂
Age/Grade – Every kiddo ages 4 through 6th grade are welcome!
Dates –  June 8th, 9th and 10th
Time 6:00 – 8:00pm (a simple dinner is served at 6:00)
Register – Please do!  Register by filling out the form below or calling the church office at 402-371-5609.
Dinner – We will be serving a simple dinner for families and kiddos starting at 6:00.  It’s completely free and open to all members of the family.  If you’ll be passing on this option, please make sure your kiddos arrive by 6:20!
Can my whole family join for dinner?  You better believe it.  It’s a joy for us to share a meal together!  Kiddos that are coming to Camp Awesome and also parents/grandparents and older or younger siblings are welcome to join us for dinner as well!  Come hungry!
Do our kids have to eat dinner?  No way!  We just wanted to make it available for any family that it might bless.  Food is important and if you’d rather have your kiddos eat at home before they come, please do!  Just plan on showing up around 6:20 and we’ll be ready to go!
Do your volunteers have background checks?  Yes. Every adult volunteer present and serving has completed a background check and can be trusted to have the best interests of your kiddos in mind.
My child has to miss a night because of a conflict, is that ok?  It sure is!  We know that summer is full of all kinds of activities, and if your child has to miss a night, no problem at all.  Each night stands alone and they’ll be able to pick right up where they left off.
We aren’t members or attenders of your church, is that alright?  Everyone is welcome! And so if you’ve never stepped foot into our church building, that’s totally ok!  We are just happy that you are considering to have your kiddos join us. Smiley Face Circle Magnet: Kitchen & Dining
What about Covid?  We recognize that different people and organizations have made different choices when it comes to what precautions and measures that they have and have not taken.  We will continue to monitor the local situation and Covid Levels, but at this time we feel strongly that we can safely have a normal time together.  Masks are not required and because of the nature of working with kiddos of these ages, social distancing will not be possible to maintain throughout the evening.