Brian’s Beacon
April 11, 2024

Truth is a person! A good question is, have you become fearful instead of faithful? The fact that truth is a person and not a concept is important. Jesus said he was the Truth (John 14:6). That means that you can never know the truth of your circumstances unless you have first heard from Jesus. A great example is when the disciples thought they were perishing in the storm.  They thought their circumstances to convince them that the “truth” was their imminent death. But they were wrong. Truth was asleep in the back of their boat! We, like the disciples, want to trust our own expertise rather than recognizing that only Jesus knew the truth in their situation when Jesus spoke the truth and performed a miracle. There was absolute calm. They witnessed His power over nature.  So, when a new situation comes upon us, we panic too. But God will remind us of His provision, and you will know Me because of it.

Be faithful and not fearful.

Pastor Brian