Deacons at FBC serve alongside the Pastor as the spiritual leaders of the church family.  They shepherd families, reach out and minister to our shut ins and assist the Pastor in overseeing our worshipping life together.


Trustees at FBC serve as the main stewards of our physical and financial resources.  They oversee our budget, care for and maintain our facility and grounds and ensure that our resources are used to further God’s Kingdom.  


Deaconesses serve in various capacities all around the church family.  They encourage and provide help for those who are hurting and organize many opportunities for people to grow in relationships with one another.

Mission and Outreach Ministry Team

The Missions team members work together to distribute and allocate 15% of our general budget giving to missions and ministries both here in Norfolk and around the world.  They also help promote and organize ways for our church family to meaningfully live out the Mission of God in the world.

Children and Family Ministry Team

The Children and Family Ministry team members work together to create and implement meaningful ministries which help our entire church family grow as disciples of Jesus.  They place a special emphasis on making sure our children are receiving age appropriate spiritual formation. 



The Advisory Board is made up of the Chairperson’s from each of the five main Boards and the Church Officers (Moderator, Treasurer, Clerk, Financial Secretary).  They promote and provide accountability and cooperation among the various boards and ministries of the church.