Brian’s Beacon
February 28, 2024
The weather has been hot and cold but what I love is God’s word is consistent.  It does not change but is the same day after day.  Thus, I have a hope because God is that way too.  That is what I need in my life and that is what His church needs too.  Because God and his word is that way, we as a church have hope.

Hope of salvation, hope his church will not just continue but it will grow and become what he intends for it to be despite us.  God gives life and life abundantly.  So, if we are faithful to him and his word, he will bless us and his church.  So, even though the weather may be hot or cold, the Church will have hope and will be blessed.  Let’s be faithful as spring is coming.  Remember God’s timing is always perfect and our is not.  His vision of things may take a short or long time but let’s pray that we will continue to stay in his will.  Enjoy the coming of spring.

Pastor Brian